Coldbrew Coffee System

Pressure-brewed coldbrew coffee for maximum speed and convenience. 

My Role:

Product Designer

My Responsibilities:

Design Researcher

Product exploration, patent review, process research.

Industrial Designer

Brainstorming, concept development, sketching, CAD, photorealistic rendering.

Physical Prototyper

Dimension drawings, model making.

Design Brief:

This project began as an exploration into problems surrounding kitchenware and decided to look into opportunites in the coldbrew coffee space, a beverage I enjoy quite a lot. After extensive investigation on this topic, I found existing methods for coldbrewing coffee to be woefully insufficient and in need of innovation.

Product Research

My first task in developing a new product for coldbrewing coffee was to instigate what products were already on the market, what utility patents were held on applicable technology, and what experimental and DIY processes were in use by coldbrewers. This revealed several design flaws in current solutions and the existence of nitrous oxide and centrifugal coldbrewing processes.

Digital media consumption is correlated with negative mental health effects.

Distraction serves a crucial role in human life and doesn’t need to be eliminated or a source of guilt.

The relationship between technology and health is complicated and a nuanced approach is required to improve it.

I distributed a survey via social media with questions targeting people’s digital media consumption habits and their comfort level with them. Responses were very diverse and revealed age and gender trends present in the way the population uses their devices.

A note: Due to the academic nature of this project, my access to a maximally diverse data set was somewhat limited. While I attempted to gain insight about the experiences of people from all genders, races, and backgrounds, most of my data comes from white and straight people. As a result, I intent to test the final product with this in mind if the project moves forward.

Using a screener survey, I selected 5 participants for a diary study. These subjects filled out a special form when they used their mobile devices at different times of the day. They recorded the type of media they consumed, as well as their emotional state before, during, and after the session.

I interviewed 5 people regarding their personal experiences with digital media and their relationships to it. These subjects had a wide variety of backgrounds and habits around social media, gaming, and communication software that yielded nuanced results.

Google Digital Wellness

-Difficult to access and too easy to bypass.
-No functionality on desktop.


-Heavy-handed blocking can prevent productive use of restricted apps and sites.


-Requires user to act on results of usage analysis.

Patent Investigation

First, I wanted to understand the processes by which coldbrew was made and what the IP coverage in the industry was like. This would help me steer clear of solutions that weren’t marketable and think about new ways of producing the drink.

Current patents cover a variety of methods for drip-brewing, coffee makers with grinder included, and centrifugal brewing system.

Product Comparison

Current products on the market focus on suspending coffee grounds in water and storing the slurry until brewing is complete, usually 8-12 hours. These products usually incorporate a strainer.

Some companies are brewing large batches and selling in pints. Their branding is highly effective.

Experimental Processes

I was curious about new any innovative ways of making coldbrew coffee, so I dug into forums and Instructables for barristas and coffee fanatics. I found several new methods and approaches, the most notable being the infusion of the coffee using a whipped cream siphon and nitrus oxide charge.

Primary Takeaways

  • Widespread coldbrew coffee brewing techniques take a very long time to complete and require pre-batching of product.
  • Pressure brewing has never been incorperated into a commercial product and reduces brew time to 30 minuites.

Industrial Design


After researching the science and existing solutions surrounding coldbrew, I began brainstorming what a new, innovative solution might look like.

MVP Definition

From the brainstorming process, I identified the critical elements of my new design and organized them into three categories:


After researching the science and existing solutions surrounding coldbrew, I explored a number of concepts to improve and innovate the aesthetic, ergonomic, and functional appeal of the process. Several directions were pursued, including sculptural counter-top pieces, customizable products for homebrew enthusiasts, and innovations that speed the brewing process. 

Countertop Drip

Pressure Brewing

After discussion and review, this idea was selected as the final concept to move forward with. It employs an innovative system using a nitrus oxide charge to pressurize the coffee/water mixture, speeding the brewing process. It features a sleek, minimal aesthetic that appeals to a broad market segment.

How it works:

This system uses water and grounds pressurized with nitrus oxide, speeding the brewing process significantly. This pressure is then released, and poured into pitcher with a strainer, which removes the ground and stores the coffee. Finally, more water is added to dilute the mixture and the coffee is served.

Prototyping and Finalization

Appearance Model

After several rounds of ideation, brainstorming, and critiques, I decided on an innovative system using pressurized nitrous oxide cartridges to decrease brew time housed in a simple, elegant, and ergonomic design. I created a physical volume and appearance model of this design from turned poplar, polystyrene, and automotive paint.

CAD, Detail Drawings, and Rendering

Upon building the physical models and finalizing the design, I settled on the name Cirrrus, modeled the design in Solidworks, and rendered it in Keyshot to show materials and color scheme as they would be in production.

Final Concept Rendering

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